# Introduction

The Epirus SDK is the developer toolkit for Epirus.

There are two key components of it that are used to power developers on Ethereum blockchains.

  • The CLI is the entrypoint for most users, which facilitates a number of different tasks including project generation and deployment.
  • The underlying development library, Web3j which provides all of the technical plumbing for the CLI as well as code integration with the Ethereum Blockchain.


Some of the key features of the Epirus CLI are:

  • New project creation
  • Project creation from existing Solidity code
  • Wallet management
  • Generation of Solidity smart contract wrappers
  • Generation of unit tests for Java smart contract wrappers
  • Smart contract auditing

For further details head here

# Web3j

Web3j was created by and continues to be actively maintained by the Web3 Labs team. It is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) integration library for Ethereum. It supports Java, Android, Kotlin and Scala developers.

The Web3j project has extensive developer documentation available at docs.web3j.io.