# Mobile Experience

Epirus provides a fully responsive user experience. Although primarily intended for using with a desktop computer or laptop, we designed a great mobile experience too.

Dashboard mobile

The mobile experience makes available all of the core functionality of the explorer such as the token, contract, address, transaction and block views along with all of the filtering and searching functionality.

Navigation is performed via the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Mobile navigation

# Contracts

As with the desktop version your point of entry is the contracts view.

Contract mobile

Clicking on a contract takes you to the contract details.

Contract details mobile

# Filtering and sorting

You also have sorting and filters available for all of your list views.

Filters and sorting mobile

This allows you to sort for instance by the most active ERC20 contracts.

Most active ERC20 contracts view mobile

# Tokens

Navigating to the tokens page we have all tokens listed.

Tokens mobile

Where we can view individual token details.

Token details mobile

# Accounts

We also can view balances associated with accounts when we browse to an account which is associated with an Ethereum wallet, i.e. not a smart contract address.

Account details mobile

# Transactions

The transactions view lists all transactions.

Transactions mobile

Clicking on a transaction provides the transaction details.

Transaction details mobile

# Blocks

Likewise the blocks view lists all blocks.

Blocks mobile

Again, clicking on a block provides the block details with associated transactions.

Block details mobile

# Profile

Finally, the Profile view allows you to see the sync status of the network and browse to the contract registry.

Metadata registry mobile